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Choose from our large selection of quality hypnosis scripts books - all written by an experienced Hypnotherapist of many years - available as bound or eBooks

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Abandoned Baby

Accepting Alcoholism

Accepting Responsibility
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Better Snooker

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Blue Cave Visualization

Breast Enlargement

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Healing Journey



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Silver Sack - Negative Emotions

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Stopping Smoking with Time Distortion
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Public Speaking
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Information about this hypnosis session

Fearless Flying

Fearless Flying Powerful Hypnotic Recording

It is estimated that 30 million Americans describe themselves as "anxious" flyers.


For some people the fear of flying can turn holiday dreams into nightmares. If you're afraid of flying to the extent that you have to travel by sea, road or rail to avoid it, hypnotherapy may help you conquer your fear.


Fear of flying - aviophobia – is all in the mind. The actual risk of injury or death is 10 to 40 times greater in a car than in an airplane. However, anyone who has ever been scared of flying knows that statistics alone are no use in overcoming a fear of flying.

Hypnosis can actually help you to feel safer, so that you can look forward to travelling the world and being free to go anywhere you desire.


This recording will talk you through your flight, making you feel calm and relaxed, and it won't be long before you start experiencing that same sense of relaxation when you are on a plane.


So fly off into the sunset with this fantastic recording.


 Fearless Flying CD- Only £12.99

For over 700 quality hypnosis scripts visit


Fears and Phobias


Fears and phobias can take on thousands of different form and can seriously impede the quality of a sufferers daily life - for example, people suffering from agoraphobia may live the best part of their lives indoors, unable to face going outside, feeling alienated from friends and family, etc.


Phobias almost always have their roots from a past experience or memory and age regression can help to recall a memory that has been repressed.  Once the memory returns to conscious awareness then it can be seen in perspective and often the fear simply disappears.


Some phobias are 'learned responses' - a parent can pass their fear onto a sensitive child;  it may take transform into a totally different type of phobia but there is still that 'root cause' that is responsible for it.


People suffering from phobias often have wonderful imaginations.  They have already been negatively hypnotized in order to have this irrational fear overtake their lives, and the good news is that if they can be negatively hypnotized then they can also be positively hypnotized into losing their fear permanently.


Hypnosis is the ideal condition for people to overcome fears and phobias.  It is highly relaxing and enjoyable and whilst hypnotized a subject can reprogram their mind in a way that can delight and amaze them.


I received an email recently from a guy who had purchased our Fear of Dentists MP3 recording and he said how he wished he'd tried out hypnosis years ago - instead of having a mouthful of rotten teeth he would have been blessed with a lovely smile.  I'm pleased to say that all that has changed for him now and he has no fear of dentists or dental treatment at all.

Hypnotherapy can help with most conditions associated with the mind - especially anxiety attacks, fears and phobias and stress.

Traditional medicine aims to treat the symptoms of a disorder, however most Hypnotherapists will be interested in looking for the cause and dealing with that.

As an example, a client who has a phobia of flying will have associated a negative emotion with flying at some point in their earlier life.  This could lead them to avoiding travelling on aeroplanes wherever possible and the avoidance would subsequently reinforce the fear.

Once such client was regressed during hypnotherapy to recall the origin of  her phobia.  She remembered how, as a young child, her Uncle had shown her a photograph of her father (his brother) whilst they were travelling abroad.

This client's father had a fear of flying and the image of the look of terror on his face during the flight aroused her young emotions to such a degree that she inherited  her father's fear.

As a young child she could not rationalize this in her mind, therefore she carried the fear around for many years.

However, during the hypnosis session she was able to understand that this was not her own fear and subsequently she released it and now enjoys flying whenever possible.



Have you lived before?

Have you lived before?  Discover your past lives with past life regression

Over three quarters of the world's population believe in reincarnation - could YOU have lived before in another era?  Take a fascinating  journey back through the ages in your subconscious mind with this selection of fascinating hypnosis MP3 downloads.  More


Uncover Past Lives with this easy to follow Guide

Uncover your past life with this easy to follow regression guideWhether you are a Hypnotherapist wishing to add Past Life Regression to your toolbox of therapies or you are fascinated with the idea of discovering more about your own previous lives this Guide teaches different approaches that you can use.

This complete guide to Past Life Regression is crammed with information to help anyone who is interested in exploring past lives.  More 


Begin the Career of your Dreams


Are you a people's person?  Do you like helping others - solving problems?  As a professional Hypnotherapist you can work the hours you wish and enjoy a prestigious and rewarding career.  The Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma Course is available to study at your own pace and you can pay as you study with this distance learning course from the Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy. 

Your Personal Weight Loss Program

Personal Weight Loss Programme - A Slimmer YouWould you like to lose weight and be able to fit into all those wonderful clothes that used to make you look and feel so good?Lose weight with your personal weight loss package from Free Hypnosis Scripts

Lose up to 2 stone (approx. 12.7 kilo) in just 3 months - Limited Offer - Find out more

How to Seduce any Woman with Hypnosis

What is it with some guys that they seem to be able to chat to any girl and take the relationship further?  Maybe you are a little shy with women - or you've been wanting to ask someone out for weeks but are afraid of being rejected? Whatever the scenario - this guide can teach you the inside secrets of what women really want (written by a woman who knows).   Exclusive eBook, only £8.99   More Info

Thoughts on Photographic Memory

Helpful information about improving Memory Recall from brain training plus boost your memory and concentration with this popular hypnosis MP3 download (also available on CD) - downloaded to your inbox immediately.

Read the Entire Article


Biofeedback Monitor /GSR Meter
(As used on the TV series CSI New York)


GSR Meter - Biofeedback MonitorThe GSR Meter is a professional biofeedback monitor designed for hypnotherapy and psychotherapy. It measures the Galvanic Skin Response, giving the therapist near-instant feedback of the client’s general state of relaxation and immediate emotional reactions. Use of modern microprocessor technology has enabled us to produce a highly accurate device at a very reasonable cost More


Get into shape


Get ready for those summer months with our new range of slimming scripts, CDs and videosFree Hypnosis Scripts - is offering all the help that you need to get into shape and there's no better time to begin than NOW.

We have a range of mp3s, CDs, hypnosis scripts and training videos for Hypnotherapists who wish to guide their clients to a slimmer, healthier figure - as well as an amazing package containing a selection of these goodies at a very attractive price.

Practical Training

If it's practical training you're looking for, we run workshops around the UK, covering various invaluable techniques, such as Rapid Inductions, Time Line Therapy, EFT, Suggestibility Testing, Ideomotor Techniques and much more.  Our sessions are always fun and informative and many of our attendees have gone on to make life long friends. If you'd like a workshop in your area let us know your nearest city and we'll try to arrange one.  Contact Us

For Hypnotherapists

Need Help or Advice with a Client or Case?  Our Solutions Corner offers therapists a chance to ask their question and receive responses from other Hypnotherapists on how they would proceed with a case.  More

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Case Histories

A Hypnotherapist's case book is never dull.  Send your own true experiences for inclusion on this page

Hypnotherapists find that their working day is always varied as no two cases are ever the same.  You should be prepared for anything, from sad, heart wrenching situations to the hilariously amusing ones.  Sometimes you can't 'win' no matter what you do, as you'll discover when you read the account of Doubting Thomas.

We have included here a selection of true life case histories which we hope the reader will find interesting.  Needless to say, all names have been changed to protect the identity of the client.  More . . .

How to Seduce any Woman with Hypnosis

What is it with some guys that they seem to be able to chat to any girl and take the relationship further?  Yet others see women as a totally different species?

 Maybe you are a little shy with women - or you've been wanting to ask someone out for weeks but are afraid of being rejected? Whatever the scenario - this guide can teach you the inside secrets of what women really want (written by a woman who knows).  Get inside her mind with this Exclusive eBook, only £8.99   More Info


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