Life is just a Game of Cards

By Jack Diamond

Have you ever played that ‘mindless’ game of Solitaire on your PC, over and over again? Every time you lose a game it makes you more determined to try and beat the system.

I tried it a few times. After mastering the medium skill game (most of the time) I decided to try the difficult one, but instead of losing and starting a new game I tried restarting the same game to see if I could win using different moves.

Anyway, it got me thinking that life is really just a game of cards.

Firstly, we get the cards that are dealt to us and have to make the best moves we can in life.

When we run out of moves we try a new deal, which life randomly throws up at us. Who knows what is around the corner? You certainly don’t expect to get a spread of nine’s and sixes and no options to progress.

So I'd test each move. If I have four eights to place on a nine then I use the one that will create another move (usually by checking out the card underneath and then undoing the move if I’m not happy with it).

With enough concentration and testing and a bit of luck, it sometimes works out. If it doesn’t, well, I'd try again.

How often do we apply this to life? And how much more likely would we be to succeed if we did?

If life throws you a new, unexpected opportunity then don’t close your mind to it. First you can consider whether this move is any use to you. If you think it might be then test it – you don’t have to commit yourself until you’re pretty sure that it could be a good move and even if it ultimately fails - well hopefully you can undo some of the damage and try a different move – or even start a new game.

Solitaire lives up to its name. It’s a solitary game and you can sometimes become totally engrossed in your own little world – to the extent where you don’t even hear those unwanted distractions.

If you’re playing cards with others then you may need to keep your cards close to your chest – don’t underestimate your opposition – if they are smart enough they will be able to read your body language and correctly guess which card you’re going to play next.

However if you’re playing with a partner (Whist, for example), then you need to give your partner clues about what you have in your hand. Remember, they’re not a mind reader. Like life, there is a set of rules to be followed in any card game if you don’t want to lose.

Even if we are dealt a brilliant hand of cards we can often lose the game by not sticking to the rules. Likewise, given a poor hand we can sometimes win with skill and help from our partner.

Don’t waste your trumps. Your trumps are your assets in life – use them wisely – throw them away and you could lose the game completely.

If you’ve noticed someone’s expression whilst they’re playing cards (especially Solitaire but other games too) – you may see a glazed look in their eyes. They are concentrating hard – their mind is focused and alert – rather like someone in a hypnotic trance with their eyes open (yes, people often leave their eyes open during hypnosis and they can be in a very deep trance).

Practising self hypnosis on a daily basis can help to keep the mind focused and alert, but you don’t have to sit in front of a computer or a card table to do so, as your mind can busy itself working on more important issues in your life.

Simply find a comfortable place to relax and focus your gaze on a point slightly higher than your line of vision.

Decide first of all which area of your life you wish to improve and let your subconscious mind do the rest.

Keep your eyes focused until they begin to feel heavy – they may close, or they may remain open – it really doesn’t matter, however if they do stay open you will notice a hazy sort of look on whatever you are focusing on.

Retain a single mind – this is the conscious part of your mind – whilst it is focused and alert, the subconscious mind can wander where it will, delving into the deepest part of your psyche for answers or solutions to any unresolved problems.

You might find your body feeling very heavy during this experience – or it may begin to feel as though your mind isn’t even a part of you – again – it doesn’t matter – this is your own, personal experience.

Then when you’re ready (and you will instinctively know when that is), allow your mind to return to full awakening consciousness.

You will feel as though you’ve had several hours sleep.

Then allow the experience to leave your mind as you get on with the business of playing the best game of life that you can, with the cards you were dealt.


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