My Six Convicts

In his book, My Six Convicts, Donald Powell Wilson, an American professor of psychology tells how, whilst carrying out research in an American prison, he came across a convict who, as well as being a master hypnotist, could also influence groups of people with telepathy.

Hadad was part Hindu and part Senegalese and was regarded by prison staff and fellow prisoners as being a magician and an escapist. He came to Wilson's attention when he was found hanging by a belt in his cell.

The doctor who was called in, pronounced Hadad dead and he was taken to the prison mortuary. Three days later when an autopsy was about to be performed, Hadad's muscles began to ripple and he sat up saying 'Gentlemen, I would rather not; if you don't mind'.

Apparently Hadad had hypnotized a prison warden, removed his belt, then gave him a post hypnotic suggestion that he would not remember or realize that the belt had been removed. When questioned about his reasons for his action, Hadad stated that he had wanted to draw the doctors' attention to him, and he would give an even more startling demonstration of his strange powers.

In the hospital's psychopathic ward were a large number of epileptics, some of whom were hopeless cases and through severe brain deterioration suffered frequent seizures. Hadad asked to be locked in a solitary cell and predicted that there would be no seizures for three days whilst he performed distant healing telepathy. He was carefully observed and, as predicted, all seizures ceased for the duration of his confinement, after which time they recommenced.

Hadad produced other astonishing phenomena - he undressed and announced that after going into trance he would cause the twelve signs of the Zodiac to appear on his body, with Aries on the forehead, Cancer on the breast, Sagittarius on the thighs and the others in appropriate places.

Shortly after going into trance Hadad's body displayed hive-like patches which were clearly recognizable as the signs of the zodiac in the predicted places. One doctor, after examining Hadad, said that all the tests showed him to be dead and even when a vein was punctured there was no flow of blood. However, on mentioning that some of the Zodiacal signs were not clear, Hadad 'awoke' and instructed them to bring a magnifying glass to detect them more clearly.

Hadad re-entered trance and remained until a magnifying glass was brought and the signs verified. On being questioned when he awoke, Hadad replied 'Suspended animation, Doctor; it is simple'.


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