Breech Birth

Whether you are a midwife, a hypno-birth therapist or an expectant Mum - this script/recording can help to communicate with unborn babies at a deeper level of mind. This script will gently guide the unborn baby into moving into the correct position for an easy birth.




My baby turned after 3 nights of using the Breech Birth MP3! I was 37 weeks and had tried chiropractic, inversions and started moxibustion. After that 3rd hypnosis session, baby became very active for 1.5 hours and flipped around. Amazing! KW, USA

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Please Note: Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical and/or mental health treatment. It is a complementary approach to augment good health care practice and can promote faster healing and personal growth. We recommend that you seek an appropriate assessment from a health care professional for any ailment you may have before using Hypnotherapy.


Hypnosis and Fertility

Hypnotherapy is being increasing used to help assist both women and their partners with fertility issues and experiencing a pain-free birth. There is nothing unusual about the latter as women have been giving birth naturally and relatively painlessly for millions of years and in many parts of the world, still do.

King Louis XVI of France, (around the time of the French Revolution), insisted that his wife lie on her back so that he could watch his newborn's entry into the world and this new way of giving birth quickly became fashionable with the general public.

Probably as a result of this, the procedure became more uncomfortable for women and they became accustomed to expecting birth to be a painful experience.

The late David B. Cheek, M.D., a physician and surgeon in Santa Barbara, CA. Diplomate of the American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecology and author of six books and 41 papers on hypnosis, clinical hypnotherapy and mind-body therapy used ideomotor signals to help thousands of patients suffering from miscarriage and fertility issues with great success.

Many of our recordings are based on Dr Cheek's methodology and we have already received emails from parents who have previously undergone several failed IVF treatments - only to listen to our recordings and successfully conceive and carry a healthy baby to full term - as well as mothers who have reported their unborn baby to have turned into the correct position shortly after listening to the Breech Birth hypnosis recording.



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