Colours Deepener

This colours deepener or visualization can be enjoyed by anyone - whether they are hypnotized or not.

It seems strange that when you are in a very dark room, in the very deepest of sleep - that dreams can contain vivid colours - some far more beautiful than any colour that you can remember ever having seen before.

I know - this happens to me regularly - my clients also report similar experiences after being hypnotized and many of them request that I use this deepener time after time, which is why we decided to turn it into a visualization recording.

(Short excerpt)

In a few moments I’m going to ask you to imagine certain things. Don’t worry if you can’t actually ‘see’ them in your minds eye, just let yourself remember, or think, about what I am saying. And I want you to imagine a starry, starry night, you are looking into the velvety blackness and gazing up at the millions of stars, only a few of which are available to the naked eye. And there is a full, round moon in the sky.

A beautiful big, full, round, white moon. You can almost see a face on the moon, and a halo surrounds it - as its light is reflected out of the black, night sky . .

The full version of this deepener is available through the links below: It has also been recorded as a visualisation which is a favourite for many clients.

Script - Only £4.50

MP3 - Only £6.99

CD - Only £12.99


Imagery and Hypnosis

A study undertaken by researchers at Baylor University* in the US reveals that women suffering from 'hot flashes' (known as flushes in the UK) experienced a dramatic reduction is symptoms with the use of imagery.

Imagery (visualization) is used extensively in hypnotherapy and different representational modes are used to enhance the effect.

Dr. Gary Elkins from Baylor University reported "The finding may indicate that areas of the brain activated by imagery may be identical to those activated by actual perceived events".

* Source July 2010

Unlock your Visualization Ability

If you have ever been hypnotized and found yourself unable to visualize images that were suggested to you then it is possible that you have a 'block' that is stopping you.

Often this block originates from childhood as most children have wonderful imaginations, however, without being nurtured it can often disappear - hence the saying - use it or lose it.

The ability to visualize does not disappear altogether - like a dying ember it can be rekindled and this hypnosis MP3 download can help to fire the imagination again and unblock whatever it was that was stopping you from visualizing.

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