If you are one of those people who hates throwing things away and feel that you are surrounded by clutter then this script will help you to sort out what you need and don't need - making your environment a tidier and better place to live in.

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Compulsive Hoarding (Disposophobia)

Disposophobia is the term given to someone who finds it difficult to discard items that (to others) are deemed no longer necessary.

Someone suffering from this condition will usually justify it by insisting that the item in question 'might come in useful one day' - however that day seldom arrives.

Disposophobia can vary in intensity. Some will go to the extreme of not throwing anything at all away which can result in their environment become so untidy and unhygienic (because often they find it difficult to clean around everything) that people living with such a phobic can often suffer from depression or claustrophobia.

An extreme case of hoarding what is is basically junk, is the famous case of the Collyer Brothers who lived in isolation in Manhattan.

At the time of their deaths their horde of junk was estimated at 100 tons.

Disposophobia - (the fear of throwing things away) - is often hence referred to as the "Collyer Brothers syndrome"



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