Hair Growth

Many men suffer from balding, which is a hereditary condition. However both men and women can suffer from thinning hair, although this is more often than not a temporary condition. In Britain, approximately 7.9 million men and 1.6 million women have hair loss problems.

Vast amounts of money are spent on the problem each year, and there is no wonder since baldness is hugely underrepresented in the media. There has not been a bald President or Prime Minister in the USA or UK since the television age began!

But don’t panic - help is at hand with hypnotherapy, which can help to reduce hair loss.

One major cause of hair loss is stress, which can also affect other areas of the body as well. So if you have any stress in your life, then hypnotherapy may help reduce the stress and trauma that have triggered hair loss.

Secondly, hypnotherapy can address any nutritional imbalances and re-stimulate the hair follicles helping hair to grow thick and luscious again.

Whether you are a man, attempting to add some hair to the top of your head or a woman, struggling to grow long luxurious silky hair, this MP3 will work miracles for you.

Depending upon the individual, in only a few weeks or at the most, six months, your hair will grow thicker and stronger than ever before and you’ll have a set of locks you can be proud of!

Script - Only £4.50

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