Don't let infertility get you down. Improve your perspective on fertility with hypnotherapy.

If you and your partner have been trying for a baby without success and physical causes have been ruled out then the problem could be psychosomatic.

I'm sure we've all heard of couples who have tried for years to conceive and gone on to adopt, only to become pregnant shortly afterwards.

In hypnosis terms the 'Coues Law of Reversed Effect' is well known - the harder one tries to do something the more difficult it can become.

How Hypnosis Helps

By allowing the mind and body to totally relax and become in synch with each other, you can locate the source of the problem that is preventing you from conceiving and before too long you could be holding your own little bundle of love in your arms.

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I used this script not so long ago on a client and with dramatic results. Client was trying for 3rd baby (over a year of trying, no previous issues with conceiving first 2 babies), within one month she was expecting her 3rd baby! Fantastic...

Mrs A. Cunningham 27/04/10



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