Moving On in a Relationship

Forgiveness is a subject that comes up quite a bit in marriage, it is very difficult and forgetting can be downright impossible for many spouses

So how can you be expected to forget the most painful experience of your live?

The majority of couples who have been through the agony of an affair, have better marriages after the affair than before. This is because the affair jolts them into recognising the problems that caused the affair in the first place, the need for building an affair-proof marriage and identifying the safety precautions they must use help them create compatibility and love.

God wants us all to be forgiving just as he has forgiven us.

It's not easy to forgive. Yet, without forgiving, you cannot move past the anger your partner has caused or truly mend a broken relationship. If you remain angry, it may put your entire marriage in jeopardy and even damage other relationships in your life.

By inquiring into this recording, you have already decided that you want this relationship to work, but are finding it difficult to forgive. This script is designed to help you do just that, and with forgiveness will come a wonderful feeling of relief and help you to rekindle those good times you shared.

Trust will take time to rebuild, but with the help of this recording, you will be taking a step in the right direction, and back into your partners arms.

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