Photographic Memory

Have you ever wished that you could remember names, places, faces, information and so much more and bring the information to mind immediately? The lens of the eye can photograph everything it wants to when a special type of focus has been mastered. This powerful hypnotic recording will teach you how to do just this.

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Photographic (Eidetic) memory is usually defined as the ability to recall images, sounds, or objects in ones memory with extreme accuracy.

In his book, 'Mind of a Mnemonist' A.R. Luria wrote of a subject S. V. Shereshevskii; (referred to simply as 'S' ) who possessed a remarkable memory.

S could memorize lengthy lists of random words and recall them perfectly many decades later.

Luria believed that S had unlimited recall;

S used memorization techniques where he "arranged" objects along a specific stretch of a road and went back and collected them one by one.


"Another easy listening session with noticeable improvements in recalling names and numbers."
Angus W, (Australia) 22-10-2014

"Well, I've just started to use it and I have never felt so relaxed during a brainwave entertainment session or hypnosis session. I don't know yet if my memory will increase or become photographic, but it has already paid off." Alexandre P, Brazil. 7-10-2014



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