Do you tend to always put things off until the last minute? Or even avoid certain tasks?

If so, this powerful Procrastination hypnotic recording will help you to achieve all the goals you set for yourself.

So don't procrastinate - order this hypnosis session today and start tackling those long overdue projects that you've been intending to get on with.

Available in written script format for your clients or as an MP3 download or CD for yourself or as a gift for another procrastinator.

Script - Only £4.50

MP3- Only £6.99

CD - Only £12.99


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Procrastination is the process of delaying tasks until a later time. Psychologists have often linked procrastination to an anxiety response and cite three criteria that must be present to define the act (or non-act) as procrastination - these are: needless, counterproductive and delaying.

The effects of procrastination can be stress, guilt, loss of productivity and crisis. Procrastinators may also face social disapproval for not meeting deadlines, taking responsibility or being committed to seeing things through.

Procrastination has also been associated with perfectionism, a tendency to negatively evaluate outcomes and one's own performance; intense fear and avoidance of evaluation of one's abilities by others, heightened social self-consciousness and anxiety, recurrent low mood, and "workaholism".

According to Robert B. Slaney adaptive perfectionists (when perfectionism is egosyntonic) were less likely to procrastinate than non-perfectionists, while maladaptive perfectionists (people who saw their perfectionism as a problem; i.e., when perfectionism is egodystonic) had high levels of procrastination (and also of anxiety).

(Loosely adapted from Wikopedia)


Testimonials and product reviews for this Procrastination hypnosis session.

Feeling great that I'm attempting, planning and actioning tasks before due. The satisfying feeling of the end product is remarkable. I am so happy that I purchased the Procrastination MP3 down load. Very comforting to listen to in my own home.
Rachel, Australia. 9-11-2014

I listen to the MP3 before bed to help with procrastination with studying. I found myself finishing off Assignments without even really thinking about it. I love all the MP3 hypnotic tracks I have bought. Helped me with many areas of my life.
Gemma H, Australia. 8-10-2014

Found it easy to listen to in the privacy of my own home. After one session of listening to my MP3 I noticed I was being very productive with my office work without thinking about telling myself I need to get in there. Felt weird at first but it definitely helped and I couldn't wait to listen to it again. Thanks
Rachel P, Australia. 15-10-2014

I am on top of my work for the first time this year 2014!
Jim M. Norfolk, UK. Feb 2014

Need to listen to this one more often - - definite improvement completing tasks at work
Carol W. London. Nov 2013

It really works
Leah F. Western Australia. Jul 2013

Excellent for someone like me who is a terrible procrastinator!
Kirsty C. Dumfries. Apr 2013

Have more energy and motivation
Melanie L. Victoria. Feb 2013

Kedarnath M. Mumbai. Dec 2012

I got more done for school in the first day after using this than I had in the three weeks before. This hypnosis cleared the roadblock in my mind that was keeping me from getting stuff done. Amazing.
Jennifer I. MN. Oct 2012

Very of many I have purchased will definitely be back for more!
Mary P. Tasmania. Aug 2012

Like the professional quality and listening quality of the MP3s. Haven't been through them all yet as I am working slowly through the topics, concentrating on each for a month or so. Am happy with the product and the pricing. Thank you
Cindy E. Alberta. May 2012

I have purchased about 10 of your hypnosis downloads and I have to say they are wonderful and they have worked on a subconscious level without thinking I have improved in my eating habits bought emotional eating and night-time eating and I have curtailed these habits quite a lot so these downloads speak for themselves
Susanne A Western Australia. Feb 2012

Very effective when I listen to it often
Meri H. NC. Jul 2011

I have noticed changes in my behaviours and motivation to complete projects.
Pam S. MI. Jun 2011

Very satisfied
Thomas E. MI. Jun 2011

Good quality.
Philip M. South Yorks. Oct 2009



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