Clasped Hands Induction

For some people, the only way to be hypnotized is by direct induction techniques. These are generally authoritarian methods and are commonly used on stage.

Not everyone will comply with this method but some of the types of people who will do are those who are used to taking orders, for example those who work in the forces, (either armed or police). Dave Elman was a master of direct induction techniques and his book published, Hypnotherapy, outlines his approach in greater detail.

Ask your subject to clasp his hands in front of him, then say the following:-

I want you to press your hands together tightly now, really tightly so that you can feel the palms of the hands touching each other.

And the those hands are becoming locked together so tightly that they feel as though they’re stuck together with super glue - they are just so tightly and securely locked together. And the harder you press those hands together the tighter they stick and the more securely locked the hands become. Press them together so tightly now that they just won’t come apart. That’s it, tighter and tighter - those hands so securely clasped, so tightly clasped, like the hands are held together with super glue and they just won’t open at all.

In a moment I’m going to ask you to try to open them. You’ll try to open them but they won’t open at all, because they are so tightly stuck together.

Okay so try to pull the hands apart, try, and notice that the hands are just too tightly clasped together that they simply don’t open at all. And the harder you try to open them the tighter they feel.

Now relax the hands, stop trying to open them, and just let them open, let them open easily and the hands are moving apart now (Take a look at those hands) - there - they’re opening easily now...


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