Country Walk

I want to take you on a magical journey inside yourself - to a beautiful place outside in nature. And it's a lovely warm summer's day and the sun is shining down on you.

You are strolling along a country path - ambling aimlessly - just enjoying the wonderful view - the rolling green hills and the wild plant life - the hedgerows and tress - and all the beautiful colours in nature. The trees are swaying gently in the warm summer breeze - and the call of a songbird reaches your ears.

It's a peaceful place and you feel so calm and so tranquil. To the left of you is a small wooded area and further on is a farmhouse and outbuildings - to your right is a field of corn - and the country air smells so fresh - and so invigorating.

Although your body is moving - you feel still - and it's a beautiful feeling - to be so relaxed - and calm and at peace with nature.

As you pass by the wooded area you see another path leading off to your left and you turn the corner and continue your journey.

And there you notice a slow flowing stream and the sound of the water lulls you deeper into a feeling of awe and reverence - you're walking along the bank of the stream - and feeling quite tired after this walk - so you decide to lie down on the bank and enjoy the quietness of this summer afternoon.

As you lie back - you can feel the warmth of the sun on your body - it's as though that sunlight is being absorbed into every cell - every consciousness - every atom of your body - it's good to be so relaxed - and quite perfect to be here right now.

And here - in your perfect place - you can allow your mind to drift - and to wander back - to another time in your life - when you felt so good - a special time - when you did something right - something that made you feel confident and so certain of your own abilities - remember that time now as the memory springs to mind.

I'll be quiet for a while to allow you to really enjoy this memory again - in rich detail - almost as though you're back there - reliving it all over again.


Now bring your attention back to my voice whilst holding those wonderful feelings in your mind - and take a deep breath - a very deep breath - and then sigh - slowly - allowing the air from your mouth - and I want you to see a fluffy white cloud floating above you - and written on the cloud are the words - I am calm and I am confident - and that's exactly how you feel now.

The letters of the words are written in sparkling, glittery dust - and when you see those words on the cloud in your mind - you can allow those words to sprinkle down upon you - for you are calm and you are confident - and so relaxed.

In a moment or two I'm going to count you up to normal conscious awareness - and as you return to the here and now - bring those feelings back with you and let them remain in your mind - accessible whenever you need to feel calm and confident - and so relaxed.

One - you are coming slowly back - two - feeling those wonderful feelings now - growing stronger - three - nearly back - four - eyelids beginning to flicker and five - eyes open and wide awake.


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