Fear of Flying

It's a wonderful feeling to be up there above the clouds, flying over the world - but if you're afraid of flying then your mind will be distracted from the excitement and focused entirely upon the fantasized imminent danger...

“Imagine now that the day has come for your flight - your cases and bags are packed ready and loaded into the car - you’ve checked to make sure you’ve got everything you need - tickets, money, travelers cheques, passport - everything is in order. You’re already beginning to feel excited - remember when you were a child how you couldn’t sleep the night before your birthday, or Christmas, or holidays - that wonderful feeling of anticipating that something good is going to happen - just remember that feeling. And imagine yourself in the car (or train) on your way to the airport - notice who is with you - where you are sitting, what you are wearing - allow yourself to become really absorbed in that lovely holiday feeling.

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